Federer: ”I am very disappointed that I have to withdraw from Toronto as I love the city and the Canadian fans are amazing. I have always enjoyed playing there but after a long stretch of tournaments, I will need some time to recover. I look forward to coming back to Canada next year.”

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    lehetne a torna neve RAFAS CUP xD lol
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    And Rafa too
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  5. makingmommasoproud said: hmmm Rafa also withdraw from that tournament, they are probably taking some vocation together…
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    ^^^That’s pretty perfect :D
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  12. 12yearsaslav said: lol he has 125 points to defend….he’ll survive
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    take that, Ivan The Jealous!
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    Grandpa needs his rest
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    Wait so Roger withdrew from the Roger’s Cup and Rafa withdrew from it too… I think we know what this means
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    Djokovic would have a chance on retaining world no.1 if he wins no ? :O
  20. tola-rf-nut said: Oh it’s understable! Does he have a lot of points to defend out there?
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    This bitch pulls out of the tournament which literally has his name on it Oh Okay
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